Finding a "There" there: reflections on art school

Image courtsey of A Constructed World;   As a conclusion of our final semester in art theory, our tutor showed us the final edition of a publication by the art group 'A Constructed World' that ran in Melbourne during the 1990s. At the time there were changes going on to TAFE studies, not dissimilar to those happening in tertiary studies at present. So as final farewell some of the contributors, including a former lecturer of mine, wrote entries for a section dedicated  on the experience of being in art school. For my first entry in this blog I want to share a response I made,  at the suggestion of my tutor , with my own personal experience in the Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Melbourne; or better known as the VCA (Victorian College of the Arts).  Some time ago I came across a concept I think is known as the ‘hyper-object’, which describes an all-encompassing entity that can’t necessarily be touched. Climate change is the e